Prices are subject to change. Exact price and duration of service depends on the condition, size and complexity of the vehicle.

Exterior Polish - $350-$450

we use one polishing pad and one cut/finish compound (single stage polish). This process will remove 60% to 80% of scratches and imperfections from most vehicles.

Rim Cleaning and Wheel Polishing - $300

We clean and polish your rims and wheels to enhance their appearance and prolong their longevity.

Tree Sap and Tar Removal - $50-$100

These substances are sticky and stubborn. The longer you wait to address them, the more difficult they will be to remove. (vehicle must be cleaned prior to sap removal) solvents are used in the wash process to breakdown the contaminants. Note polishing may be necessary to fully remove etching cause from sap residue.

Mold and Odor Removal - $50-$100

We remove all unpleasant odors and mold to reduce irritants and allergens caused by spores. Ozone does not damage anything, it is also harmless to sensitive electronic devices or textiles. It does not affect paintings, wooden or leather surfaces, artefacts, furniture, rubber parts or chrome surfaces. (we recommend replacing the in cabin air filter for best results)

Decal Removal – $50 (Starting Price)

We use a heat gun as well as steam to soften the the decal which will make the vinyl more easy to peel from the surface. any glue residue left behind from the from the wrap/decal will be broken down using solvents and/or plastic blades. Note when small decals are removed they do leave behind a ghost image and will need to be polished.

Burn Hole Repair - $125 (starting price)

Various color flocks as well as material sourced from an inconspicuous location inside the vehicle are used to create the matching color and texture of the burn area to resemble the original appearance. Your upholstery will look like new with our effective burn hole repair process.

Leather Conditioning - $50

Over time body oils, dirt and the damaging UV rays constantly bombard you vehicles leather causing the leather to dry peel and crack. We hand apply a premium leather conditioner to moisturize and hydrate your seats to keep them protected from unnecessary wear and tear.

Bug Removal - $30

We use a dedicated bug removal product that contains chemical enzymes that will effectively remove remnants of insects residue.

Undercarriage Wash - $20

We spray degreaser and salt neutralizing chemical (salt spray after winter) under the vehicle to loosen buildup. We then rinse free all grease, grime and salt that may be present. It is recommended to have your undercarriage cleaned at least once a year this will help reduce the chances of rust.

Interior Steam Clean - $75

Steam is predominantly used to assist in loosening up stubborn build up on panels and in cup holders. Steam cleaning When used with the proper chemicals is also highly effective in cleaning carpet/upholstery and is great for sanitizing and deodorizing.

Stain Spot Removal - $30-$60

We treat spot stains using our powerful multi-use cleaner various drill brushes attachments and/or steam to effectively reduce or remove the stain. Our cleaners and methods will get the toughest spots out of your vehicle’s upholstery.

Wax Application - $30

Hypernova Mobile Detailing uses Glassparency Products (BOOST synthetic wax) to produce 3-6 months of protection with a hydrophobic, durable high shine.

Pet Hair Removal - $75

Our technicians will use a combination of pet hair removal brush, drill brush attachments, compressed air and cleaners to release the static bond between the pet hair and surface.

Interior Dressing- $20

We use water-based dressing to give your interior an added layer of UV protection and leave a uniform finish. (options for high or low gloss finish)

Fabric Extraction - $125

To get rid of all the dirt and grime buildup in your car’s upholstery, choose fabric extraction. We use the Mytee Lite heated fabric extractor paired with different drill brush attachments to get rid of the build up of dirt and grime. Extracting fabric is best way to leave your seats and carpets looking brand-new.

Fabric Protection – $50

For an extra charge of $25, you can upgrade to ceramic fabric protection, which is the most effective form of fabric protection. Applying fabric protection will reduce the chances of stains due to the liquid repelling properties in the coating.

Floor Mat Cleaning –$30

Our detailing experts will vacuum, shampoo, and thoroughly clean all your mats. (recommended for extremely dirty floor matts

Headliner Cleaning - $75

The headliner is susceptible to damage and may be sensitive to cleaning. Starting out with the least aggressive method we lightly shampoo the headliner and wipe up residue, if necessary attempting to increase aggression in the cleaning processes may necessary to achieve desired results. (A vehicle headliner is sensitive and we do not recommend getting to aggressive when attempting to clean.

Interior Trim Polishing - $100

Polishing the same way as we do on the exterior we do on the interior! An interior polish will remove scratches caused by rings, keys or hard objects. Your interior vinyl trim is soft and easily damaged.

Iron Decontamination- $75

We use Nanoskin iron decon which bonds to and breaks down farris materials that embed themselves deep into the pores of your vehicles clearcoat.

We come to: Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Reston, Herndon, Fairfax, McLean, Great Falls, Vienna, Oakton, Tysons, Wolf Trap, Chantilly, Centerville, Falls Church, Sterling, Dulles, Georgetown DC and the surrounding areas.

For more information, get in touch with Hypernova Mobile Detailing by email, phone or submit a request on our contact page. We are open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. We also have Saturday availability for Premier Packages, paint corrections, and ceramic coatings on our booking page.