Enhance Your Vehicle’s Shine and Protect Against Contaminants with a Single Solution

One way you can effectively keep your vehicle looking its best at all times is to get a polymer sealant or wax applied. This enhances the appearance of your vehicle right away and protects it from the damaging elements.

Hypernova’s Superior Wax and Sealant Process

Hypernova Mobile Detailing uses only the finest quality car wax and sealant on the market. But before we can apply it, we have to make sure we are working with a smooth, clean surface. So first we always clean and dry your car. Then we apply the coating to every inch of the painted exterior on your vehicle. This gives your vehicle a high-shine finish and offers protection to your car’s exterior.

We apply car wax or sealant by hand or by a machine depending on your unique needs. The layer is extremely thin, yet it makes a big difference. This film helps seal in the color and shine and keeps out contaminants including dirt and dust, bird droppings, and even corrosion.

The results are long-lasting. You won’t just see a difference right after the coating is applied. If properly maintained, you’ll continue to see the beauty of the wax or sealant for six months or more.

Experience the Difference a Car Wax Can Make for Your Car

If you really want to bring the life out of your vehicle’s exterior, regularly apply a polymer sealant or wax. It will enhance the beauty of your car’s paintwork and protect it from the elements.

We come to: Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Reston, Herndon, Fairfax, McLean, Great Falls, Chantilly, Centerville, Vienna, Tysons, Oakton, Falls Church, Sterling, Dulles, Georgetown DC and the surrounding areas.

$30 for wax; $60 for polymer sealant. Can be added to any package or service. Exact price and duration of service depends on the size, complexity, and condition of the vehicle.

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