Draw Out Contaminants to Produce a Stunning, Uniform Car Exterior

Clay treatments are an essential part of caring for your vehicle. Your standard neighborhood carwash can only do so much for your vehicle. You may not be able to notice it without looking closely, but car washes actually leave behind contaminants on the surface of your vehicle. Our car detailing experts at Hypernova Mobile Detailing provide advanced clay bar treatments to effectively rid your vehicle of these harmful compounds.

How Contaminants Harm Your Vehicle

When you are consistent about clay bar treatments, you are prolonging your vehicle’s longevity. Clay is effective at clearing your vehicle of a variety of contaminants including:

  • Brake dust
  • Bird droppings
  • Insects
  • Tree sap

There’s really not much you can do to prevent your vehicle from accumulating these contaminants. They are just inevitable results of driving and having your vehicle parked in the open air.

You may not be very concerned about these elements and the effects they’ll have on your vehicle. But the problem is that with time if you don’t properly remove these items they will no longer just sit on your vehicle’s surface. They will actually embed themselves into your vehicle’s beautiful paint job and become much more difficult to remove. They can also cause much more damage to your vehicle’s clear coat and even the paint.

Even the tiniest contaminants like brake dust can add texture to the exterior of your vehicle. If you rub your vehicle with your hands, you may be able to feel some texture which can be attributed to the contaminants. Sometimes the grit will be a little less obvious. If you put your hand inside a plastic baggy and rub it over your vehicle, it will be easier to feel the grit. You won’t be able to remove these particles on your own once they’re embedded in the paint. If you want your car to be smooth and contaminant-free once more, you need to act quickly and schedule your car for a clay bar treatment.

How Hypernova Eliminates Contaminants

Clay can come in many forms and densities. Before the techs at Hypernova can actually use the clay for our auto detailing services, we apply a lubricant to your vehicle. Next, we exfoliate your car’s exterior. Just like exfoliating your face, this process pulls the impurities right out of your car’s exterior. The process will leave your vehicle smooth to the touch.

Our clay bar treatments are long-lasting. This treatment also enhances the effectiveness of other applications. For example, the smooth surface following a clay bar treatment is the perfect base for a wax or polymer sealant application. After the decontamination process, these other treatments will also last longer.

Eliminate Impurities with Hypernova’s Car Detailing Services

Don’t neglect to take care of those unattractive impurities on your automobile. Get them removed in the most effective way by booking your clay bar treatment with Hypernova Mobile Detailing.


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Starting at $200. Price and duration of service may be subject to change based on the condition of your vehicle.

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